Monday, 2 April 2012

March Favourites 2012

This months favourites are..
♥ Johnson's Daily Essentials Facial Wipes
♥Mac Mineral Skin Finish Natural in Medium
♥ Nailtiques Protein Formula 2
♥ Maybelline The Falsies Black Drama Mascara 
♥ Crown Brushes BK27 Flat Bronzer Brush

..and a lil' review on each of them :)

Mac MSF Natural and Crown BK27 Bronzer Brush Review

This past week or so the weather has been really warm, so I didn't feel like wearing heavy foundation so I just wore the MSF and buffed it in using the BK27 brush. It creates a flawless finish and it super easy to blend into your skin. I do have to re-apply throughout the day, but it takes next to no effort so I don't really mind.


Nailtiques Protein Formula 2
This product is the Holy Grail for my nails as I have them painted every single day, so I use this as a base coat underneath my polish just to strengthen my nails and stop them from yellowing. If I don't use this then my nails tend to split and chip. If my nails get into a really bad state then I just use this without polish for a few days, and apply it once a day. I get mine from here.

Maybelline The Falsies Black Drama Review
This is my all time favourite mascara! It creates the perfect amount of volume and length for my lashes. I will be doing a full review with pictures for this mascara, so stay tuned! 

Versace Crystal Noir Perfume
I have been wearing this perfume non-stop this month, it has a really deep, seductive scent and stays on your skin aaaaaaall day. 

Johnson's Daily Essentials Facial Wipes
These take my make up off so easy, and I really don't have to scrub at my eye make up, it just melts it right off. These wipes are very soft and they are very saturated which is great because I hate barely-damp make up wipes. 

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