Thursday, 3 May 2012

Out Of Primer? Maybe not..

I've seen this post floating around beauty blog's for a while, but didn't really believe it as I thought I had scraped every last bit of the primer out. But the other day I was running low on primer so decided to see what I could salvage from my tubes. Let me start by saying that these two in the picture are the teeny-tiny primer potions that come with the first Naked palette. Anyhoo, I filled a whole Clinique tester foundation pot  full of what was left over in these tubes! That is going to last a looong time. 

I just cut the tubes open with a pair of scissors and then scooped the product out with a cotton bud. I couldn't believe how much I got out of these little tubes and I still have two of the full sized tubes that I thought were empty ,to go!  

Have a great day! 


  1. Wow, you got loads out of it! xo

  2. It is amazing how much you get out of them, I think the design of them is ridiculous. The squeezy tubes are much better x x