Sunday, 1 April 2012

Shellac Review

I thought I'd do a review on Shellac as I had this done a couple of weeks a go, and thought I'd share my opinion. As I like having my nails painted dark I went for the colour Fedora,which is a gorgeous dark purple colour. The treatment was really simple, and the Shellac goes on just as easily as nail varnish, the only difference is it has to be cured under a UV light. They have a really high shine that stays throughout the whole time I had the Shellac on. It stayed perfect for just under two weeks (it would probably stay longer if you are not as heavy handed as me).

 I had them taken off because as my nails grew the Shellac stayed where it was so there was a gap between my cuticle and the bottom of the polish. I then had the Shellac again, just in a different colour. The only down-point of Shellac (for me), is that I get a bit bored of having the same colour on my nails for two whole weeks as I like to change it up. 

I hope this helped and feel free to ask any questions! :)


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