Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Remington CI9522 Pearl Pro Styler Review


I have been looking for a new styling tool for a while but was unsure about which to buy, so I did some research and like the concept of this one so I bought it (and I got it on sale too!)

When I first received this, my first thought was 'Wow, this is heavy!' I wondered if it would make my arm ache when I curling/waving my hair, but it's actually not noticeable when I'm using it. It has multiple heat settings going from 130˚C to 210˚C, so depending on your hair thickness you would change the temperature to match. They heat up super hot and super fast. They come with a protective glove so that you don't burn your fingers, but I find this hard to use as I can't separate my hair well whilst wearing it. I really like the curls that this tool creates and I think they're perfect for summer.

 ♥Heats up really fast.
♥Curls are very long lasting, even without hairspray.

♥ The first time I used these, it made my hair smell like burnt popcorn, and even after a couple of washes I could still faintly smell it in my hair. Odd.

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  1. It looks good, your hair looks fab after! xo

    1. Thank you! They're really easy to use as well once you've got the hang of it :) x