Wednesday, 2 May 2012

The Easiest Way To Remove Glitter Polish

Now, if you're like me and love wearing glitter polish but HATE removing it, and it usually ends up looking like this... 
 Then this is what I find the best method is for removing it.

You will need:
-Kitchen Foil (Cut into strips, about 5cm wide, 15 cm long)
-Cotton Wools Disks (Cut in half.)
-Pure Acetone

Step 1: Pour some acetone onto the cotton disk. 

Step 2: Wrap saturated cotton disk around your nail, making sure the saturated bit is directly on your nail.

Step 3: Place foil strip under finger, having the top of your finger about half way along length of strip. Fold over the top of your nail, and fold excess foil around finger. Leave for around 10 minutes. You'll look something like this...

Step 4: Remove. Hold thumb down firmly over where your nail is, and pull up. 

Done! And as you can see it leaves not one speck of polish on the nail.

The skin around your nails may seem dry from using the pure acetone, but it's not permanent just apply a bit of hand moisturiser. I usually just do one hand at a time when removing the polish or it can get a bit fiddly! 

I hope this helped, have a great day! :)

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  1. Oooh thanks for sharing, next time i will try this. Glitter is such a pain to get off! xo