Friday, 23 March 2012

Vita Liberata 24ct Silken Shimmer: Tinted Wash Off Tan Review and Swatches

This is my favourite instant tan to use if I'm going out, as it dries almost instantly and gives you a really nice colour. Although it says it shimmery, the shimmer is not that apparent once the product has been blended in properly. This product has good staying power as well and won't stain your clothes once the product is completely dry. I purchase mine here. Below are some swatches and a bit more info on this stuff.

It really does look like melted chocolate when you're applying it to your skin! BUT it doesn't smell of chocolate, in fact it doesn't really have a scent. 

TIP- You HAVE to rub it in straight away as it really does tint your skin instantly. The big brown blob in the middle is where its been a few seconds too long, and the outer is where I have tried to blend it out.

If you've listened to the tip above then the result is a really nice subtle tan as you can see below :)

I hope this was helpful and feel free to ask any questions! :)

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