Friday, 9 December 2011

Product Review: Ciaté Paint Pots - Twilight

Ciate Paint Pots in 'Twilight'

Ok, so lets start with the packaging. On Ciatés website they describe it as 'Ergonomically designed to enable maximum control with a long handle and curved bottle to sit comfortably in your hand.' Now to me, this is the perfect description. The long handle rests on your hand to keep the brush steady and precise, where as polishes with shorter handles such as the Chanel ones, I find much harder to keep steady as you cannot rest it against your hand.

'Twilight' is a black varnish, packed full of gold flakes. The black is a medium opaqueness, so the gold flecks show through really well.

I first wiped over my nails with acetone, to remove any excess oil and then applied base coat.

After the first coat:

So as you can see, because of the medium opaqueness of the black, the first coat is still a little light.

After two coats:

After applying the second coat and top coat ( I used Seche Vite), the colour turns out exactly like it looks in the bottle. I absolutely love this colour, one of my new favourites.

How does it last?
For me it lasted about 2 days being completely chip-free, but I'm always catching my hands on things as I am a very clumsy person! But with more care taken I would say this would last 4-5 days.

Thanks for reading, feel free to ask any questions! :)

You can get the products I used from:
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