Thursday, 14 June 2012

L'Oreal Paris True Match Foundation Review and Swatches

Swatches Below (Sorry for my scuffed up hand, I scraped it unloading the dishwasher!)

I'm quite a lucky person as my skin has always been quite good to me. I have the occasional break-out on my forehead and chin, but nothing too major. But as of late, I have had this damn stubborn patch of dry skin on my right cheek that is refusing to go! I have a few other dry patches on my skin, but they are not as stubborn as the other. Anyway, I tried many, many foundations and had the same problem with all. They will look fine just after application, but then throughout the day my foundation would melt off my face and just be stuck in my dry patches and look horrible. 

BUT I was tidying my draws in my room the other day and came across this which I bought a month or two ago because it was on offer with a mascara I bought. I wasn't expecting big things from this as I thought 'if my £30 foundations not working, this one won't!' So, I applied it in the morning with my MAC 190 foundation brush, and was very impressed with it's finish. It has a matte finish, but skin looks radiant still and not dry or powdery, but as I mentioned before they all look OK just after application and then it's downhill from there. That evening, I looked in the mirror and was pretty damn amazed! The foundation looked just as it did when I'd applied it. It hadn't melted off my face and it wasn't stuck in my dry patches! RESULT. This is my new favourite foundation AND it doesn't break the bank which is always a plus! 

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  1. I have tried it a couple of years ago and I quite liked it as well!
    Unfortunately it is not that cheap here in Italy :/