Thursday, 6 September 2012

Last of the Summer Nails..

As Summer is about to draw to a close, even though we haven't really had one, I thought I'd get the last of my bright nails in whilst I can.

What you will need:
-Base and Top Coat
-Nail colour of your choice.
-Nail art tape (I got mine from here. )
-Scissors (to cut the tape)

What to do:

1: Apply Base Coat.
2: Apply 2-3 coats of your chosen nail polish.
3: Apply top coat. I applied the top coat before the tape as it quickens the drying time of the varnish so it doesn't smudge when it's time for the tape.
4:Once top coat is dry apply first colour of tape from about half way down the nail, diagonally downwards. Repeat with the next 2 colours of tape around 1mm above each other.
5:Apply another layer of top coat.

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Hope you like it! Have a great day! xx

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