Thursday, 23 August 2012

Models Own Jade Stone With Foil-y Accent!

I bought this gorgeous nail polish from Boots the other day and have been wearing it non-stop, so thought I'd jazz it up a little so I wouldn't get bored (not that I could, look how preeeetty!)

Here's how I did it:

You will need-
~Base Coat
~Any Pastel Nail Polish
~High Shine Top Coat
~Tin Foil (cut into very thin strips)
~Nail File to Shape Nails

Step 1: File nails to desired shape.
Step 2: Apply Base Coat
Step 3: Depending on the opacity of your polish apply 1-2 coats, and wait for it to dry until it feels slightly tacky (this helps the foil strips stick to it better!)
Step 4: Press on foil strips into whatever pattern you desire.
Step 5: Apply a generous coat of top coat.

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Have a fab day! :D xx

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